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DEATH OR LIFE– The critical importance of self defense

Death or LIFE—The critical importance of womens self defense

Statistics show that 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted within their lifetime. Studies also show that 50% of attackers will give up their attack when a woman fights back. Most criminals are expecting their potential victims to freeze in fear and then completely cooperate with their demands.

Now as a law enforcement professional, I never recommend risking your life to hold on to your property. Items can be replaced, but you cannot. Now, if you believe that he wants to assault, sexually assault, or kill you, then you have a very important decision to make. That is a decision that experts believe has to be made ahead of time ; long before a sudden violent attack occurs. You must be mentally prepared to fight for your life. It is also necessary to have training to know what to do physically to stop your attacker and escape. In many sexual assault attacks, the predator will try and force you to a secondary location such as behind bushes, into an abandoned building, or into a vehicle. 90% of the time, if this happens, then you will be killed. This is a sad statistic, but it does bring home the importance of being prepared to fight, with everything you have got, to avoid abduction.

Now you can see why it is critical to learn self defense. If you knew your chances were 1 in 4 that you would be thrown in a pool or off a boat into deep water, then you would prepare yourself with swimming lessons at an early age ! Statistically, there is a 30% chance that you will be involved in a car accident in your lifetime. I trust you wear your seat belt just in case !

Let’s look at some of the top reasons(excuses) why women don’t learn self defense !

  • I don’t have the time ” Everyone is busy these days and wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell a mugger that you don’t have time to be attacked, and he would go away. In reality, he doesn’t care about your schedule and is going to interrupt it ! We can make time for what we consider really important.
  • I am injured or not strong enough” All people have injuries or weak points, including criminals, but it does not stop them. Don’t assume the rapist or murderer will leave you alone because you limp or have your arm in a sling. In fact, you are even more likely to be a target !
  • I’m too old ” Unfortunately there is page after page of police reports where elderly women were raped and killed. Fortunately, there are success stories where some women fought back and survived.
  • I can’t afford it ” The question here is, can you afford not to ? No one is asking you to commit to several times a week for the next 5 or 6 years to get your black belt in this or that martial art. For the cost of a family dinner out or a week of getting your favorite Starbucks drink, you can afford to take a womens self defense seminar that can change your life !

My name is Rob Erickson and my business partner in Escape Self Defense is Mike Murray. We have both worked for over 30 years in law enforcement and also have over 40 years of background in various martial arts. We started our company because we are our passionate about teaching women to defend themselves, especially as we see violent crime on the rise. Our 4 hour seminars are only $49. In some cases, an organization will pay us and offer the seminar for free to their students or employees, as HCCS did for their students back on 3/29/16 at the Spring Branch Campus. We will hopefully be back again.

Our seminars are open to any female 11 years old and up.

Simple, but effective step by step approach…No complicated moves…specially designed for women to use their strengths against a man’s weakness. We emphasize: Leverage, Movement, and Attitude. We also include videos and talk about protection from domestic violence, date rapes, campus violence, active shooter scenarios, home invasions, etc…

Everyone these days is concerned about the increase in violent crime, whether it be campus,workplace,domestic, terrorism, etc.. As a female, are you prepared ?

What do you do? IF:

An attacker knocks you to the ground and is choking you?
Your date is forcing you down on the bed ?
A stranger grabs you by your hair and is trying to drag into an abandoned building ?
A man is holding a gun to your head demanding that you get into a car ?
You hear someone breaking the door down of your home ?
A crazed gunman is running through your college dorm shooting everyone he can ?
Your boyfriend is yelling, pushing, and hitting you ?
You are walking through a parking lot and are being followed by several men ?
A guy at a bar is making unwanted advances and puts his arm around your waist ?
An intoxicated coworker grabs your arm to pull you on the dance floor during a company party ?
These scenarios are examples of mild to serious situations that could result in anything from embarrassment to serious injury or death.
We will teach you how verbally and physically deal with conflict and be mentally prepared, so you can avoid becoming a statistic !!!

If you are interested in having a seminar at your campus or workplace or finding the dates,times and places, of our upcoming seminars, please leave a message at 832-510-8753 and Mike or I will contact you. Thanks and be safe.